As per the latest market update, XRP Backed Rental Firm Omni shutting down with Coinbase snapping the development Team. This might affect the coin. $0.26730 was the price of Ripple on August 28, 2019. It managed to show a growth of 27.24% in the month of September despite the fall. XRP coin witnessed further fall to $0.22796, and until October 7, 2019, it showed a price movement in a lower range. Then, Ripple price surged to $0.30891 by 35.51% within a month which is quite good. The uptrend continued further with the XRP coin reaching $0.31237. Mid of November onwards, the trend has changed, and the bears are controlling the coin presently.

Ripple Price Prediction

Looking at the price of XRP coin at $0.26700 on November 17, 2019, currently, it shows a negative run by 17.73%. As per the current trend, Ripple might reach around its immediate support of $0.211 shortly.

It is your discretion to purchase Ripple or hold the existing coins today. The previous 3 months’ performance for XRP coin has seen many rises and falls. Traders should plan a long-term investment, which might be profitable as the coin price may recover shortly.

Ripple Price

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